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Power Rankings

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Published 16.05.2014 00:37 GMT+3 | Author
Power Rankings
Latvia's offence - celebrating a Zemgus Girgensons goal - is on fire with 11 goals in two straight wins at the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, but Russia still rules the Power Rankings. Photo: Andre Ringuette / HHOF-IIHF Images
After a wild 6-5 win over the U.S., Latvia moves up to third place in the fourth Power Rankings of 2014, while Russia keeps its grip on first.
1.  Russia  Russia:  “I must break you” - Ivan Drago, 1985
2.  Canada  Canada:  Great win, but Cody got no hats!
3.  Latvia  Latvia:  After the tournament, we’ll all be happy to visit your White House
4.  Sweden  Sweden:  The Lundqvists are looking good, as both sexes will agree
5.  Finland  Finland:  Belarus was Petri-fied
6.  Czech  Czech Republic:  Hey Jags, please play in 2022 too
7.  Norway  Norway:  Nagy should play for us and change his name to Ladislav Norway
8.  France  France:  Yes, but the Swedish royal family is French: we totally rule
9.  Germany  Germany:  How can I save my little boy from Oppenheimer’s deadly toy?
10.  USA  United States:  Have you kids ever heard of The Gong Show?
11.  Belarus  Belarus:  Kevin Lalande is from Don Cherry’s hometown: how could we lose?
12.  Slovakia  Slovakia:  Join the EU, they IIHF medals, they said...
13.  Denmark  Denmark:  If this was the NHL, we’d have squirted water and flexed
14.  Suisse  Switzerland:  Gotta play for the name on the front of the Josi
15.  Italy  Italy:  Our PK is perfect, and our Milan guy hasn’t threatened anyone
16.  Kazakhstan  Kazakhstan:  Thanks a lot, Russia! No more Baikonur Cosmodrome for you!

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The Power Rankings are for the enjoyment of readers, and reflect the progress of teams during the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. They are distinct from the official standings and IIHF World Ranking.


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