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Welcome... Volat!

Welcome... Volat!

Mascot receives name after online contest

Published 03.09.2013 17:22 GMT+3 | Author Organizing Committee
Welcome... Volat!
Volat is the mascot of the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship.
The national contest “Come up with a name for the mascot” for the name and biography of the Official Mascot of the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship was concluded in April.

The name “VOLAT” received the most votes in an online poll conducted in Belarus. 859 out of 3,578 fans participating in the poll chose this name. The poll was run between 10 and 20 April 2013 on the websites and

The jury members noted that VOLAT is a beautiful name that sounds similar in all languages and will be easy for tourists to spell and pronounce.

VOLAT comes from Old Slavonic and has important meanings. It is a character from East Slavonic mythology. According to legends, Volats – tall and strong men – lived in the old days and were buried in long barrows called Volotovki. There are also the names of settlements in north-east and central Belarus like Volaty and Volotovki that are associated with VOLAT in folk traditions.

VOLAT is a bison – one of the symbols of Belarus. The animal reflects peculiarities of the national culture and corresponds to the ice hockey game. It demonstrates strength and power and has a clear message to millions of fans and spectators all over the world. It also arouses bright and positive associations.

289 mascot names were proposed by Belarusian citizens at the first stage of the contest. The jury selected ten names that entered the online poll.

The results of the poll:
1. Volat 859
2. Belovezhik 619
3. Rasti 514
4. Vezhik 287
5. Zubryk 328
6. Pushik 221
7. Yanka 253
8. Bully 240
9. Zuby 146
10. Shaibik 111

The winners of the contest (who proposed the name VOLAT) are:

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Matskevich Maria Sergeyevna (Minsk)
Kravchenko Leonid Vasilyevich (Senno, Vitebsk Region)

They will be awarded with certificates and valuable gifts (tickets for the opening ceremony of the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship).


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